Regarding treatment aspect, Dr. Jamuna reports that the ordeal of EXCESSIVE hormone medicines, injections given for ART (Artificial Reproductive techniques) leads to multiple adverse effects, like early onset of Diabetes, Osteoporosis, coronary artery disease, dyslipedemia etc.,

Lots of young individuals in our society are being exposed to this danger  without their knowledge.

Another problem highlighted here is the excessive hormonal medicines given to induce ovulation, results in ovarian cyst formations and ultimately an ovulation [non-ovulation situation.

1 Advocates only natural conception. Advocates Artificial reproductive techniques like IUI, IVF, ICSI, GIFT, etc. some of which male lead to ethical issues.
2 No invasive procedures Laparoscopy, follicular study, biopsy
3 Only herbal medicines. Hormonal and steroid medicines predominantly
4 Moderate cost Cost intensive
5 No side effects. Side effects like obesity, tube blocks, adhesion, ovarian cancers, CAD, Diabetes, Dyslipedemia etc.,
6 No ethical issues Issues regarding donor insemination.
Emotional turmoil of father / children,
Lack of parental bonding by children,
Legal issues regarding property rights, etc.
Possibility of genetic disorders being transmitted through donor insemination,
Use of unauthorized donor.Issues regarding surrogacyJoy of Motherhood- taken away,
Risk of fetal well being due to surrogacy,
Bio- ethical dilemmas in commercial surrogacy.

Dr. Jamuna finds effective method through siddha system to  overcome the fore said problems. While treating only with natural medicines and no invasive treatment. Hence, even allopathic doctors (more than 300 doctors) specialized in various fields like General medicine, General surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology have themselves undergone Siddha treatment for infertility in Karthick Fertility Clinic and were successful in records.  This shows as standing evidence about the treatment of Dr. Jamuna.

Treatment of Dr. Jamuna

About her system of treatment, it can be simply defined as follows. Herbal medicines and abstinence from few habits which enables the husband and wife to harness their physical energy, discipline their system, to evacuate the effluents of the body, to purify and rejuvenate the reproductive pathway, which in turns leading to the bless of the birth of the baby.

Siddha system is based on natural herbs and natural ingredients rendering new impetus for stimulation and active life.

Incase of Female infertility by siddha system of medicines.The ovarian cysts are dissolved. The Fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus receive new impetus for stimulation and active reproductive life. Herbal preparations promotes healthy ovulation. Any block in the Fallopian tubes, germinal patches in the uterus can be dealt with herbal medicines.

Infertility in a male partner  is mainly due to the immobility of the sperms or unhealthy sperms or insufficient sperm counts or complete Azoospermia. Dr. Jamuna cures it with her herbal medicines itself which activates the testes for the production of healthy and higher sperm counts. She also advises them to practice certain yogasanas. As well as to adopt few self imposed restrictions like giving up smoking, consumption of alcohol, to wear light cotton garments, to avoid extramarital relationship and insists to consume food cooked in a natural way (mud pots). She confirms that men suffering from Azoospermia can also be treated by all these means in a very simple way.

Treatment Modalities:

  1. Use of herbal medicines.
  2. Life style changes.
  • Personal habits.
  • No smoking.
  • Complete avoidance of alcohol.
  • Avoidance of recreational use of drugs.
  • Complete avoidance of extra marital affairs or any other abnormal sexual activities.
  • Regular exercise in the form of walking/jogging and yoga.
  1. Dietary changes.
  • Cooking in mud pots.
  • Specific food items which promotes fertility
  • Eating in banana leaves/ porcelain plates, glass plates.
  • Avoiding foods, rich in preservatives and chemicals.

The patients of Dr. Jamuna are spread all over the southern states and also throughout India in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkatta and most of the cities in northern India. And also patients from other countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Iran, U.S.A. Nigeria, U.A.E. and Canada have also undergone her treatment and are now blessed with a healthy offspring.

Dr. Jamuna upholds the practice of Indian culture. She stresses on living a principled life. She maintains a strict code of conduct to her patients. She simply rejects couples, to take up treatment for who finds it difficult to follow these simple disciplines. She is against smoking, consumption of alcohol and chewing tobacco on any narcotics. She strongly believes that every individual should and must lead a life with morality, discipline, culture and holiness.


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