• Born to Dr. Anjaneyalu and Dr. (Mrs.) Subburathinammal on 31st August 1955 at Anakaputhur near Chennai City.
  • “B” certificate in Siddha Issued by the government of Tamil Nadu Siddha Medical Council.
  • M.D(Alternative medicine)
  • M.A (Gandhian Thought)
  • Honorary Doctorate from Mother Theresa University kodaikanal.
  • Specialized in infertility cure, Obesity & Dermatology (Hairfall, dandruff & other cosmetology)
  • Rendering service to the society for more than 35 years in the field of infertility.
  • Honorary Lecturer at the Aringar Anna Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai.
  • Submitted research papers to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul kalam about Siddha system.
  • Received special award for her services in infertility treatment, from the then honorable chief minister Dr. M. Karunanidhi on 25.10.1990.

What made Dr. Jamuna to take infertility as a speciality?

Initially Dr. Jamuna started her practice treating diseases of liver, abdomen and skin disorders.

One day a lady was brought into her clinic who attempted  suicide by drowning in water. When enquired for reason to attempt suicide, patient’s attenders told that the lady did not have a child after marriage, and her husband threatened to divorce her.

She examined the couple and was surprised to find that the actual disorder causing infertility, is with the husband, and not the wife.

She treated the couple and the lady got successfully conceived after two months. This incident made Dr. Jamuna to think why only women are being held responsible for infertility always and this thinking subsequently inspired her to take up the field of infertility treatment as her speciality.


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