SIDDHA SYSTEM is the medical system of “ANCIENT TAMILS”  and one of the ancient systems of Indian medicine, equivalent to ayurvedha in its history, and was developed by the ancient “siddhars” based on their treatise, after careful observation and study.

Medicines used in Siddha, consists of herbs, minerals and animal products, since no kind of chemicals are used in these preparations, no adverse effects are expected in this system of medicine. Siddha medicine is a boon to the human race. Siddha system emphasizes on prevention of a disease before cure, and stresses the importance of “SOUND MIND IN A SOUND BODY.”

A person who intends to consume Siddha Medicines should follow healthy lifestyle practices and should have to follow disciplined codes of conduct. By emphasizing this,  Siddha system tries to inculcate good culture and conduct in an individual as well as the society.

Hence, by following the disciplined regimens during siddha treatment, one finds it to be rewarding and experiences a change in their own outlook itself. Smoking, consumption of alcohol and practicing immoral sex are strictly prohibited in this system of medicine and once the body is denied such habits, it enables cleansing and detoxifying the body as well as, it prevents life threatening diseases such as cancer, AIDS, heart diseases etc & promotes an absolutely healthy lifestyle.


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